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Find Your Perfect Puppy!

At Teddy Bear Puppies, we specialize in providing healthy, hypoallergenic, and non-shedding puppies with a “teddy bear” appearance. Our puppies are the perfect addition to any family!

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Puppy Perfection

Our puppies are a unique mix of Bichon, Havanese, Maltese, and Poodle carefully bred to create the perfect combination of personality traits. We specialize in a variety of hybrid designer dog breeds such as Maltipoos, Havapoos.

Experienced Breeding

When you decide to bring home a furry family member from Teddy Bear Puppies, you can be confident that your puppy has been raised with the highest level of care and attention in a loving home environment.


Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan

We are conveniently based in Michigan, making us the perfect destination for anyone looking to adopt one of our puppies. 

Available Puppies

Visit our new website for available puppies!

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